AIT FlexiFees Payment Package

AIT FlexiFees Payment Package

In regards to the economic holocaust that has confronted Nigerian students; the administrative body of Accra Institute of Technology (AIT University) has fostered a ‘presidential’ package specially designed for Nigerian students to aid them pay their fees with significant ease.

The AIT ‘presidential’ school fees payment model is available to both freshmen and continuing students who are active (registered and dues-paying) members of the Nigerian Students Association (NSA AIT Chapter).


This plan is available to Nigerians who wishes to study in AIT (as a freshman) or transfer from a different university to AIT. The plan allows student to pay at least the same amount paid by the local students and defer the deficit (balance) till a later time. As long as they have paid at least the same amount as the fees of the local student, they will be allowed to write their end of semester examination.


This plan is available to all active members of the Nigerian Students Association. The payment model comes in two forms; Semester installment plan and yearly installment plan with no penalty and negotiable between parents and the school administration.

The semester installment plan will enable students to be able to pay their fees for the semester on a monthly basis. For instance, a fee of GHC 5,000 can be spread across 5 months, paying GHC 1,000 monthly.

On the hand, the yearly installment plan will enable students to be able to pay their fees for the year. For instance, two semester fees (January and September semester) of GHC 10,000 can be spread across 11 months, paying GHC 910 monthly.

However, the amount of the installment payment is not fixed. Parents can negotiate a convenient payment plan with the school administration. It is also worthy of note, that students who are using any of the above plans are not eligible to enroll into the summer school until he/she has completely paid the previous semester fees.

For the purpose of validation, payment plan arrangement has to be made between a student’s parents/guardian and the school administration. Forms for the payment plans can be downloaded here and submitted to the Nigerian Students Association (NSA AIT) for processing.

To enroll on the FlexiFees payment plan, kindly download and fill the form here. For more information about any of the payment models entailed above, kindly contact us or call (+233)-054-890-6271, (+234)-0813-192-3975.

Our goal and mission statement is uniting Nigerian students in Accra Institute of Technology (AIT) under one voice

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