The Nigerian Students Association (NSA AIT Chapter) is aware of the challenges students face when receiving money for fees and living allowances from Nigeria. The school administration has tried in the last 2 semesters to resolve this challenge by introducing the online school fees portal but the idea was hampered due to the monthly limit placed on Nigerian cards abroad.

The association is determined to find a partnership that is both convenient and favorable to Nigerian students in AIT. On this note, we have taken a bold step to help students receive school fees and financial allowance from Nigeria.

Our Partnership with

EcoTransact founded by EWT Global Solutions is a fast growing portal to send and receive money from Nigerian and Ghana. The platform is developed mostly to aid students studying in Ghana to receive fees and living allowance from Nigeria.

EcoTransact was established on the 17th February, 2017 and since then aided over 200 students (as of 18th April, 2017) of Accra Institute of Technology (AIT) where they partnered with the Nigerian Students Association (AIT Chapter) to receive students school fees from Nigeria, offering NGN-GHS at the rate of 9.2 GHS (per NGN 1,000) as opposed to 8.8 GHS offered at the black market at that time.

We have reached an agreement with EcoTransact. Our agreement will allow Nigerian students in AIT to receive money from Nigeria at a favourable foreign exchange rates in exchange for the service we render to them. We are also hoping that with this partnership, the issues of so called ‘forex agents’ duping students money will be resolved.

If you want to send or receive money from Nigeria, kindly contact any of the NSA executives for favourable rate and procedure.