Special Payment Plan for Nigerian Students in AIT

AIT student leaders had a meeting today with Mr. Osei-Boakye at AIT cantonment campus.

The Register made us understand that they (the school administration) are fully aware of the situation of Nigerian students and willing to come up with adequate policies to address the situation or at least assist the students in the best way possible.

To that end, we have reached an agreement that Nigerian students in a specific plan will be allowed to write examinations if they are able to meet a 40% school fees payment threshold.

In addition to that, students should expect a pleasant and a more reduced summer fees.

So if you are a Nigerian student, still in Nigerian, or stuck in the decision line, we urge you to start making arrangement to return back to school this summer.

Please share until every Nigerian student (In Nigeria) hears about it.

Our goal and mission statement is uniting Nigerian students in Accra Institute of Technology (AIT) under one voice

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