Located in the iconic African city of Accra, the Accra Institute of Technology—AIT is one of Africa’s most celebrated universities in Ghana. Established in 2009, AIT has set the pace for private sector university education in science and technology in Africa, producing some of the best brains currently available in science and technology across the continent. In the last three years, the university has had Nigerians emerging as the best graduating students consecutively.

The Accra Institute of Technology—AIT is modelled after two of the world’s most renowned institutes of technologies, the California Institute of Technology—CALTECH ranked number one in recent world university rankings and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology—MIT ranked number five. AIT is a technology focused university, campus-based and open university system. If you remember, a few years ago, Bill Gates the founder of Microsoft made the bold prediction that campus-based universities will become less crucial for learning. And indeed as we speak now, more and more people are opting for the Open University approach to learn and AIT offers just that.

Our kind of education here is one that broadens your perspective on the world, making you a more knowledgeable person. But most importantly, we don’t just provide an education to students at Accra Institute of Technology, we provide a life entirely for students studying here. You will understand that unemployment has become a very big problem in Africa. This issue is compounded everyday with fresh graduates adding up to the list. What Accra Institute of Technology has done as a university has been to train students who have the upper hand with options of graduating as job creators and becoming an inevitable plus to their employers in cases where they want to seek for jobs.

If you wish to study in a AIT as a freshman or transfer from a different institution, please contact NSA AIT for inquiries.